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The  Dough  Life


-  ABOUT US  -

A husband and wife team that wanted to start a business together! When Hazel was pregnant, she craved for donuts, so she had a brilliant idea of turning her cravings into a business and so The Dough Life was born. Our passion for food, particularly desserts, and Hazel's cravings led us to choose mini-donut business.  Who doesn't like donuts? 


Our donuts are served hot and fresh which makes it more delicious. Just thinking about it makes us want to eat some now!


We cater to corporate events, wedding, birthdays, etc. 

Our priority is to serve the best mini-donuts while providing exceptional customer service for our clients. We want to be a part of your event and help make it as special and memorable as you have imagined, so book us for your event!

Thank you for considering The Dough Life to be part of your special celebration!

Henry and Hazel

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